Finally tied up a batch of Flashtail Whistlers and gave them a spin

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Posted by Randy Richter on 2017-10-09 22:12:56

Tied up a bunch of Flashtail Whistlers for my upcoming Amazon Trip. Was down in Oklahoma giving a steelhead presentation to a group there, and a friend called me up, and invited to go try below one of the hydroelectric dams there. You never know what you are going to find there, but the first day, we found some stripers. Tied on a Whisler and they were loving it. Got five good ones and lost a couple of others. The next day, landed three stripers early and then they moved way out of range. Lots of white bass busting, so tied on a small Clouser and caught about 80 in two hours. Wondered what might happen if I fished two flies at a time, and caught two fish on a cast multiple times. Good times! Thanks to Dan Blanton for the help with the pattern.

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