Afternoon chasing LMB with Captain David Korb

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Posted by Dan Blanton on 2017-10-03 23:26:27

David Korb and I headed out at 3:30 as planned, heading for his first (one of many favorite LMB spots). Well long story short, we hit several of those high percentage spots for top water LMB but they were having little to no interest in coming up for a top-water mouthful. It's been very windy the last few days and it was breezy again all day. I've never had good luck fishing top-water on breezy days.

Well, we made the switch to sinking lines and re-ran a couple of his hots spots and we started connecting with medium-all-purpose LMB in deeper water. We ended up with about a dozen or so 1- to 3-pounders and a few small stripers. I did best with my standard white/yellow/chart jig hook FT Minnow.

It was a fun after noon fishing with Captain David again. We made it back to the dock just as the sun set. Fun! :-) I fixed a nice steak dinner with all the trimmings and I'm enjoying a nice glass of red as I write this report.

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