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Posted by ray hafsten on 2017-10-02 11:52:06

My reasons for carrying on are personal and why are:
Business/Professional: always carry because my trips were of two to three days and I did not want to be without my professional "uniform" or as Cousin Vinny did rent or show up in front of a federal judge "out of uniform." But most of my professional trips were non-issue, vehicular.
Pleasure: Fishing these were/are of short duration 5 or 6 days because that's all I could/can afford usually three times a year. I did/do not want to risk being without my rod/reels for one or two days or more of a four day guided trip...for me the experience with my stuff is the therapy, drug, and fun and I am not interested in free tickets from airlines...if I was flush going for two weeks six times a years what's a couple of days without I probably could live with that as long as they arrived. I have never had a problem coming and going in USA with fly rods and reels and tackle and my measured TSA accepted Abel pliers...Chicago, Detroit, Portland Maine, Key West, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Baltimore, Indianapolis, Dallas, Phoenix. Foreign: Bahamas including Nassau and GBI. Cabo fly rods and reels only. Blue water gear checked rods because of length but carry on reels and even lures going down...coming back as stated previously carry on reels and check all other conventional gear with the blue water rods.
Exception obviously, when bird hunting South Dakota and Scotland but my insurance was always with supplemental specific to the airline I was on...I have not done it for some time so I don't know if they still have have to really ask for it.. the typical agent does not know about it...I added the max 15,000 for my shotguns... why did I because the airline is primary and they slap stickers all over the gun case and it does not go down the chute but hand carried...they are first in line to pay so they take personal interest in the case...
If I had three or four Charltons or Makos and if I was forced to check I'd have the airline supplemental insurance for primary...

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