Delta Catchin' 9/12/17

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Posted by Bob Arwine on 2017-09-12 12:55:40

I was out yesterday early. Only 16 total Stripers/LMB's. The "W" was huffin' and puffin' for the first hour or so then it slowed down to a reasonable speed. Normally when the catchin' is slow I try different things to make it more interesting. In the Summer 2017 Fly Tyer, there is a fly called "The Rattleback". I have now tyed five of these flies. The interesting aspect touted is that the fly is constructed with a soft "rubbery" material(gum puckey) that sort of duplicates the feel to the fish of gear fishers lures. This fly really moves in the water as it is fully articulated. They do catch fish in the Delta. The down side is they tip the scale at about 86 grains and as a past rather quick, production tyer it took me about 50 minutes each to make them. They do move a lot when they have a pulse disc in front of them. Often, when you make a quick short strip they will hook sometimes over 180 degrees. See the photos.

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