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Posted by Rob Anderson on 2017-07-13 16:39:23

Hey Folks, Here is our latest fishing report for the Reno Tahoe area. Pretty Hot outside but our guides are catching fish on the Truckee River both in Nevada and California. The water conditions are goo and getting better daily.

Truckee River

The flows on the Truckee River continue to drop daily. The snow pack in the high sierras is diminishing quickly with the summer heat and the Truckee is dropping steadily. We now are in a situation where the Truckee is the story of two rivers. One fishable and one not yet. The River from the headwaters in Tahoe City down through the Glenshire stretch is in great shape. The water is pretty clean, low enough to fish and there has been some great fishing. Once you get downstream of Boca Bridge the Truckee is still two or three times its normal flows for this time of year. Once you get to the Nevada side you can also add in a clarity issue. These conditions are changing and getting better daily. It should not be long before most of the river, even through Reno is fishable again. If you are headed out to the fishable Truckee take along your nymph box and plenty of extra weight. High Sticking some of the slower water along the edges and seems is the way to go. The patterns are not as important as the drift as usual. Extra weight will get you down to the fish and help a ton with your drift. Indicator Nymphing is also a good bet, especially for those who are not as seasoned on the Truckee. Try a Stonefly Nymph with a PMD or Caddis dropper and a size BB weight above the top fly. Make sure you use an indicator big enough to hold all that stuff up. If you are on the river in the evenings look for a random fish along the edges sipping some dries just before dark. Flows are: Town of Truckee 426 CFS, Boca Bridge 989 CFS, Farad 1250 CFS, Reno 1020 CFS and Vista 1290 CFS.

Little Truckee River

Flows on the Little Truckee were down to 86 CFS for a little while and are now up to 175 for the last three days. These are really fishable conditions on the L.T. That being said the fishing is pretty tough and the water is crowded. There is still a sparse PMD hatch going on in the late mornings but besides that it is much smaller stuff. Nymphing at these flows can be really good. There is not as much crap on the bottom and you can get a really good drift. You can also use a little heavier tippet up to 4X depending on the size of flies you are using. Have some PMD dries with you in case you see some rising fish. The best time to fish is between 8-2 on most days and then again in the evenings. Don’t over fish the water and take your time between casts. The Little Truckee is a very technical fishery and 95% of the fish are caught by 5% of the anglers there.

East Walker River

Flows on the East Walker are at 1130 CFS. This is as low as they have been this season but don’t expect them to come down a whole lot anytime soon. The middle to Southern Sierras are still packed with snow and run off is in full swing. At 1100 CFS it is impossible to cross and very tough to find a place to fish. If you don’t know the East Walker really well it is still too high to fish.

East Carson River

The flows on the East Carson are 1520 CFS. They are coming down slightly each day and Yo Yo ing hard with snow melt and Run-off. It could be another 2 weeks to a month before the flows reach fishable conditions.

Davis Lake

The surface Temperatures at Davis are above 70 degrees and the hot weather has Davis in summer mode. The fish are deep and only really feeding in shallow water at first light. Unless you are camping or staying in the area, Davis is not really worth it until fall.

Frenchman’s Reservoir

Frenchman’s is a lot like Davis this time of year. The only difference is you can get some fish in the early mornings fishing a deep water indicator rig. Fish can be caught on Midges and Callabaetis Nymphs 15 to 20 ft. down. Once the surface temperature gets warm in mid-morning it is not a good idea to keep fishing. Look for Frenchman’s to be really good this fall.

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