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Posted by Dan Blanton on 2017-07-07 21:35:03

Well two old guys got lucky today. Ed Given (81) and I (a young 74) have been close pals since the mid 60s. We've fish all over the world together and we've fished San Luis Reservoir since 1968 and we both know it pretty well. We've been trying to get out there together for a couple of months but each time we made a date to fish it the frack`n wind killed the plan. Today it all came together.

It was not supposed to be blowing but when we got to the Dino Point check in station the young lady said the lake was closed because it was too windy. "What?", Ed says. It's blowing but not so hard that the red light should be on. Well Ed thinking about it, he made a phone call to the station that controls such things on the lake (Basalt). They told him the lake was indeed open. We had the gal at our check station call them. Well, we went fishing...

First stop five minutes from the ramp we found them busting bait along a rocky shoreline and scored six medium-all-purpose fish right off the bat, one double. Long story short we worked a lot of water, hitting high percentages spots and we ended up with 42 to hand, a mix of dinks; some nice 3- to 7-pounders with me lucking out with a gorgeous 18-pounder to round out the mix. We also had 4 doubles for the day. Total blast! :-)

We ran into Meng Syn and he was having a very good day too.

It was a fun session fishing with a life-long good buddy. Ed and I always seem to have good luck when we fish together, which is not often enough since Ed spends the summer and most of the fall at his place on Henry's Lake. Thanks for sharing my skiff with me again Ed and for letting me catch the big one - again. ;-)

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