Xmas Island 2017

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Posted by Jim Solomon on 2017-05-03 19:33:36

Al Quattrocchi, through Fly Water Travel, put on a great trip to Xmas Island last month - March 28-April 4th. Our group stayed at the Crystal Bay Lodge that is around the north west bend of the island on the ocean side. The accommodations are Spartan but comfortable and who really cares, we go there to fish. There were (12) of us anglers - Al Q, Bobby Middo, John Bonefish Whitaker, Paul Cronin, Warren Fox, Larry Acord, Peter Koga, Zino Nakasuji, Steve Hollowell, James Bygrave and me Jim Solomon. Lots of Bonefish were caught along with the wily Triggerfish, small GT's, Ladyfish, Grouper, Wahoo, Yellowfin, Trevally, etc. The weather was a bit challenging with lots of wind and rain. At times it was raining so hard it hurt. Most of the time we were fishin 7 and 8 wts with Rio Quickshooter Bonefish lines. Casts were between 30-40 feet and a lot of quick flip casts to fish at your feet. The Triggers are spooky as all get up, so a very quite approach and presentation was the ticket. Hard hitting flies did not work and it seemed, for me, that light bead chain eyes casted 5 feet to the left or right and about 3 feet beyond did the trick but you really have to be patient with the strip, stopping than twitching then stopping for the eat. Our guides carried the 12 wt GT rods just in case one appeared out of nowhere and they do, so it is quite comical watching the rod exchange, line strip and cast, at least for me it was when I tried it. Kind of hysterical. The guides were great - Bita, Max, Michael, Matt, Nenu and Johnny. They really work hard for you and can spot fish from afar. About the third day I starting getting the eyes but not even close to what the guides spot - Look there is a fish coming at 200 feet! LOL!I would really recommend that you try and book a trip to the Kiribati Island. It is the best bang for the buck. The number of species is incredible and the people on this Island, which is one of the poorest in the South Pacific, are beautiful and gracious! Jim Solomon

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