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Posted by Rob Anderson on 2017-05-02 12:40:50

Hey Folks, I would like to tell you about two special trips we have coming up this year to the Amazon Jungle for Monster Peacock's .

1. October 20-29 2017 - I will be taking one group of anglers to my new operation on the Xeriuini River. This trip is one of a kind. There will only be 8 anglers on the trip and we are fishing up to 4 rivers(and hundreds of Lagoons) on an exploratory trip. We will fly into the Terra Preta Village and fish the Lower Xeriuini River to start with the option of fishing three other rivers as well. All of these rivers are private water under our lease with the Village and the Brazilian government. No one has fished any of these waters in at least a year and in some cases up to 15 years. We already have 6 anglers booked on this trip including myself, an entertainer, my doctor and a few close friends. We are looking for two more anglers to join us on this trip that will be action packed and a lot of fun. The price is amazing at $3850 for the week plus international airfare. If you are interested let me know 775.742.1754

2.January 2018 The first anglers get to see our new operation on the preserve area on the headwaters of the Xeriuini River. Our new operation kicks off on December 30th 2017 with the first anglers to see this amazing part of the Amazon Jungle in over 15 years. We are only taking 30 anglers to see the preserve this year. More people will get to climb Mount Everest than see a piece of the Amazon Jungle with hundreds of miles of UN fished water. We are almost sold out for this season but we still have a few spots available. If you ever wanted to fish for Peacock Bass this is the trip. I have been to the Amazon fishing for Peacock's for over 15 years and on most of the fishable rivers and I can tell you this is a once in a lifetime deal and the price is only $4450 which is $2000-$3000 less than any of the other popular private rivers that can be fished over 5 months a year each. Visit our website for more info.

Dec 30-January 6 3 spots available
January 6-Jan 13 2 spots available
January 13-Jan 20 Sold Out
January 20-Jan27 Sold Out

Rob Anderson 775.742.1754

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