Delta Catch'in 04/01

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Posted by Bob Arwine on 2017-04-02 09:32:47

Well.. I guess cause I was out on Fools Day and a weekend this was self inflicted... With the weather predictions stating very little "W" I was not able to pass up the day.. I was at my first spot, about 8 miles from B&W at 6:12. For the first 2 hours not a bump. I will repeat what has been voiced here many times for years by me and others.. In a perfect world...HA... fishers would be considerate of the "fishing space" of others.. The one event yesterday that lifted my skirt the most was... I was casting to the lee side of a tule berm about 75 feet away. A boat approached in plane sight of my boats beam from about 1/4 mile away. It became apparent as the boat got within about 200 feet that it was going to pass between my position and the berm, so I stripped like crazy and got my line back. There was about 1/4 mile of opened water behind my position.. During the day there were several other times where trollers passed with less that 10 feet. I make sure that I really give other fishers a lot of room. You should too. So 7 Stripers 3 LMB's to the boat. The smallest Striper was about 5 inches and the largest was 20. One of the LMB's was 4.1 pounds nice! I saw another G3 fly fish'in at the mouth of Potato Slough.. I wanted to talk with them but did not want to interrupt their fish'in.. Not much Catch'in happening..

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