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Posted by Ted Haas on 2017-03-06 19:40:41

My beloved Redington DFR tad a tip issue after all these years on a nice cobia and Redington is swapping it out with a Vapen Black, since that is now their highest end rod. I've tried the "New" Predator and it has a sweet spot of 40-60ft. But shooting further than 70ft and it becomes work. I could get to 90ft and it looked ugly. Not a bad casting rod, tho felt a little heavy on the swing and felt stiff in the mid section. So I'm opting for the Vapen, unless anyone knows of a new "hush-hush" rod they are going to release. In that case, I'm in no hurry and could wait on the swap.
I threw the 6wt cork version of the Vapen and was not overly impressed with the rod recovery and the rod bounce on the shoot. I do like the look of the rod and the Winn-Grip concept. But I'm not a fan of rods with ferrules like the Predator and the TFO TiCRx, tho both rods cast ok, just has that clubby look.
Disclaimer - I'm a pretty proficient caster and unfortunately, have a taste bud for a fine extra fast rod in the lighter weights, from 5 to 8wts, and a smooth casting rod from 9wt or greater.
There has been 4 years now since Redington has introduced the Vapen. Aside from the different grips (unless there are problems with the Winn grip), what over all opions do you still have of the rod and what little nuances do you like and dislike about it? In your opinion, which weight rod of that particular line rod do you like best, if you can choose one over the other? I'm mainly looking at it for an 9 or 10wt.
Btw, here is a pic of another cobia from the same school with my backup rod, an 8wt Redington NTi.

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