Christmas Island 2017

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Posted by Tony Buzolich on 2017-03-01 18:10:25

A few weeks ago Jim May and I took advantage of Fishing International's donation to last year's Striperfest, a discounted trip to Christmas Island, Kiribati. We stayed at the Crystal Beach lodge right on the ocean front with a constant steady breeze blowing which really helped keep things comfortably cool and kept the mosquitoes away as well. We stayed here last year too and found the lodge very accommodating.

Folks all over the country know Christmas Island as a bonefish and giant trevally destination which it is and this trip was no exception as we caught plenty of both. Bonefish and GT's may be the main attraction, but with a little effort it can be soo much more with a constant array of various reef fish ranging from triggerfish to wrasses to snapper. And, if you should choose to venture offshore (at no extra cost) the door opens further to all the pelagics which the lodge welcomes for it's fresh fish dinners and appetizers.

This trip also added a couple of new species in the mix for us that came as surprise. While casting to some exploding GT's (even got a double here), I hooked up again to something new that went immediately airborne on me, a Queenfish. Common around Australia they're never talked about much at Christmas Is.

The day we went offshore was also great fun. Besides targeting the yellowfin and wahoo for dinner at the lodge, I also hooked up to my first Pacific barracuda there, which we gave to our happy boatman for dinner. We also landed another surprise dinner fish, a Rainbow Runner. Talk about delicious. Barbecued for dinner that night it was fantastic.

The guides here are all very willing to please and if there's something new you'd like to try doing, just ask. The surf was a bit too rough to make it to the Korean Wreck for shore casting, but we did get to go into an area they called the “Back Country” where I was able to catch my largest GT to date. Actually a gated off bird sanctuary and private milkfish farm, this area doesn't get much fishing traffic because of the distance from the lodges.

Maybe next trip we'll make it to the Korean Wreck and find something else new to see.

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