NOLA Redfish report

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Posted by LeeH on 2017-02-01 17:26:49

Tough weather conditions plagued our trip to the Biloxi Marsh, but fortunately we had a short 1 1/2 day window, to make this trip a success! With good guides, our group of 6 was able to catch a few fish, but the wind, and dirty water prevented much sight fishing. We ended up running many miles to find decent water, and in the end, our best fish came blind casting to likely spots.

With dirty water, flies like my Bull-et Fly, were the top producers-flies that push water and provide a strong profile. Once again, the 60 deg. jig hook was very effective in hooking these big redfish.

Gregg Arnold was the primary guide, for our group

You can check out more pictures and read more about the trip on my blog:


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