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Posted by Bob Fabini on 2017-02-01 13:39:55 in reply to Re: Seeking Pearls of Wisdom About Boat Trailers posted by Dan Blanton on 2017-01-31 18:24:22

It sounds like galvanized trailers with careful bearing-buddy use works for most. I've discovered that topping off the bearing buddies very frequently seems to matter. I carry a grease gun, and top before launching. A couple of trailer brands were mentioned positively. Any that should be avoided? Finally, are there any regular auctions of used boats/trailers that anyone knows about?

I've also got a story similar to Dan's. When I was about 10, my family was driving the West shore of Almanor when the lakeside trailer wheel came off and careened down the hillside towards the lake. We figured it went into the lake, but searched anyway. After a couple of hours, we found it had hit the last tree before the lake and stopped. The hubcap was still on, and all the wheelnuts were safely inside. Lesson learned! Torque your nuts!



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