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Posted by Greg Mau on 2017-02-01 01:45:19 in reply to Fly swims upside down. Need advice. posted by KenG on 2017-01-28 05:32:01

It looks like there is more material bulk below the eye of the hook than above. That tends to make the fly flip over.

I like to think of the fly as "falling" through the water column while being pulled forward by a single point (the eye of the hook). In the water, the material bulk means more than its weight... so as the fly is "falling" the bulk provides the resistance to flip the fly over.

If the hook you're using can be bent, you can test this out by unbending the 60 degree bend. Once you figure it out, you can modify your tying technique a bit to compensate.

One REALLY neat way to test the ability of you fly to keel the way you intend it to... is to tie a line to the eye with a loop knot and then suspend the fly by the line in front of a fan. I discovered this by accident when looking at a fly (that didn't keel right) that was tied to my leader and waving in the air while the boat was under way.

As a reference, take a look at the Slum Dog in the Hot Flies section. It's a super keeler with most of the material above the eye AND the beads below.

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