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Posted by Doug Jeffries on 2016-12-01 11:10:18 in reply to Re: Question for Adam S: Flies for a trip - closing the loop posted by Adam on 2016-11-28 07:24:58

Three to four feet deep is pretty deep for bonefish. I'd be using lead eyes fishing that deep, takes anything lighter too long to sink. I don't think they splash any harder than large bead chain, maybe even less. In my experience, getting the fly deep enough is more important to spooking them. If you use a light weight fly that they never see or never gets to their feeding depth, they'll never eat it. But if you use a heavier fly that gets down, you at least have a chance, even if you spook a few. Kind of like putting in golf - a short putt will absolutely positively never go in, while a putt hit firm enough to get to the hole at least has a chance.

But back to our earlier point of discussion. If you're planning to take 18 - 24 flies each (I assume that means of the various weights, and each of the various styles, and maybe even each of the various colors?) that's a helluva lot of flies. I'm all for experimenting and playing with different flies in different situations to see what happens, but I wish we could get better intel about some of these places before we go. I have way too many flies at home I'll probably never use because I tied them for a trip and it turned out the fish were eating something else.

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