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Posted by GES on 2016-06-01 12:58:47 in reply to Re: T-8 head length for 6 wt rod? posted by Phil Ewanicki on 2016-06-01 08:44:01

Well Phil,

From a purely manufacturing point of view, is should be much easier to manufacture a given fly line, with a fairly close tolerance spread in the grain weight of a full shooting head or the first 30 ft of a WF line. Maybe there's a way to mark the boundary between what the manufacturer regards as the head, and the running line.

On the other hand, I think it is much more difficult to produce a given design rod, with as close a spread in its casting and loading characteristics. I'm not even going to guess what any particular manufacturer is able to replicate, and even if I knew I wouldn't ever tell anyone what it is.

So while the rod manufacturer can give a range of recommended line weights, each individual caster is going to have different preferences.

But the line manufacturers should be able to keep their grain weights to match their line # based on the old FTMA numbers. I can't even imagine a plausible reason to change from that set of numbers for that set of weights; for what purpose.

If my memory serves me, it was largely Myron Gregory who helped establish that scale, and it has served well.

Now as I said above, if SA wants to suddenly make a # 4 1/2 line, that is half way between a #4 and a # 5 on the AFTMA scale, That is perfectly fine with me, so long as they say this is a #4 1/2. And I think adding the nominal grain weight on the box, as well as the line number is preferable.

Then the caster / angler, can load up his rod, any darn way he pleases; well hell I do anyway. But I do like to know how many grains I am slinging.

I don't think the system is busted; just got a little pear shaped for no good reason.


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