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Posted by Tony P on 2016-06-01 00:52:57 in reply to Re: Garmin Combo posted by Dan Blanton on 2016-05-28 10:29:32

I never said I was dissatisfied with my Humminbird (Helix 10). I stated that if I were to purchase a new one I would go with the Garmin. When it comes to mapping pick any of the top electronic companies & they are all relatively close in detail & function. What I like about the Garmin is the Panoptixs. The ability to see fish swimming & tracking your lure or fly is a game changer. Like I said previously one of my fishing buddies has one & we've been able to watch fish track & strike our offerings. We've also been able to see fish track our baits without striking which let's us know there is a fish there & we've either changed presentation or baits to get that fish to strike. Electronics are like cars figure out what features are the most important to your style of fishing & pick the one that fits those needs. Personally I think the prices have gotten ridiculous.

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