Calico Syndicate heavy lines for 9 and 10 wt rods

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Posted by Steve P. on 2014-08-14 03:42:13 in reply to How much T20 for a 9 weight posted by ScottV on 2014-08-13 15:41:16


Someone mentioned the heavy lines of the Calico Syndicate. They
are actually throwing 700-900 grain lines with 9 and 10
you might want to look into those in more detail.

The heavy element of their lines (at least when the youtube
video below came out) are Scientific Anglers deep express
30 foot shooting heads of 700 or 850 grains - the 850 is then
28 grains/foot - heavier even than a T20 (20 grains per foot).
On the SA box it says it has a 10 inch per sec sink rate - wow!

They have settled on the running line of the Rio T14 custom cut
line so that they can hold on to it when casting the heavy head
but I assume if you wanted a
faster sink, you would go to a thin Amnesia line or similar.

Details on the construction of their heavy lines are shown here:


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