Emigrant Wilderness II

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Posted by LeeH on 2014-08-13 18:19:05

Jay has given a good account of our trip, below, but I wanted to post some additional pictures.
Jay and Dan fished subsurface patterns most of the time, and accounted for quite a few big rainbows ( 16"- 18"), as well as nice fat brook trout (14" - 15").
For me, my first choice was to see if any dry fly action might be available, and after some exploring, the first day, I discovered midges and BWO's hatching early, with termites/winged ants making an appearance mid morning. It was impressive to see dozens of big rainbows sucking in the winged morsels. We even had a short callibaetis hatch, before the wind blew them away. The bows keyed on them and this big bug accounted for several rainbows one day. It is always fun to catch trout with big dries.

For the story and more pictures, check out my blog:

For any trout fishermen, the Emigrant Wilderness should be on your bucket list. It is very reasonable. You can make the trip for less than you would spend for one guide day, most anywhere!! It is the perfect venue for a father-son trip, or small group of buddies. Drop me a note if you would like more details.


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