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Posted by David Lee on 2014-08-13 11:09:24 in reply to Re: Punta Abreojos , Baja Sur - posted by Steve P. on 2014-08-13 10:53:10

Hi Steve .

Not sure , as we've been there only twice . What I DO know is .... it's a 'difficult' place to fish if you are NOT flexible . By this , I mean you have to deal with the conditions as they come . If there's a lot of weeds in the current , then find a spot deep enough for them to settle to the bottom , then they are not so much of a issue . If you fight the wind/current/weeds , you won't have very much fun . If the current is too much to deal with using a flyrod , wait for high or low slack tide to fish . If your chosen spot is too windy to cope with .... find a lee from the wind . All of this is pretty much common sense , but I see a lot of people go out there and fail because they seem to forget the basics .

The gillnets that wiped-out Coyote have been out for the last 6 years , and I have never , ever seen as much bait anywhere else . Same with the Gamefish - hit the Estero , THINK , fish hard , and you will see fishing there the likes of which is difficult to comprehend . It isn't for everyone (you want 5 star ?? You won't find it here !) , but if camping with many comforts , remarkable fishing , and solitude are on your list .... this is a great place to play !!


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