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Posted by JW on 2014-08-12 15:28:14

About a month ago, after searching Cozumel on this board, I contacted Nassim Joaquin about fly fishing in Cozumel. I asked about the sight fishing in Cozumel and if he knew of a good guide, as I would be on vacation in Cozumel last week. He graciously responded about the fishing I could expect and suggested I charter his boat with his favorite quide.
The guide, Gaspar, picked me up early Sunday morning and off we went. Between his 500 words of English and my 50 words of Spanish we did not talk too much but we both understood sight fishing with a fly rod and that was all that mattered. In 4.5 hours of fishing, we caught 6-7 bonefish to 5lbs + 1 nice one that broke off on a branch and 3-4 more that came unglued. Multiple other shots. 1 big Snook that Gaspar said was 20+lbs broke my line after lots of jumps and air. I thought I was casting to a world record Bonefish before I realized what it was. Another 6-7 lb Snook shook the hook before we could land him. We left catching fish. In fact there were Bonefish all around us. Gaspar wanted to fish longer "uno mas señor, uno mas señor" but I had to get back to my daughter. He said "when the fish are here it is a crime to leave them" in broken English. Better that than the alternative.
It was a beautiful area where we fished. Fairly traditional Bonefishing habitat with a white soft sand bottom and short mangrove? bushes scattered throughout . About 12" depth. We started with a quick wade in a soft lagoon, with several shots at tailing Bones but no takes. After the sun was high enough to sight fish, we spent the rest of the morning fishing out of the traditional 18' +~ panga. Gaspar polled with a 10' wooden branch from the corner of the stern and I stood in the bow. I had 8 and 9 weight rods with me but only used the 8 with 12lb tippett. If I had known we were going to get descent shots at Snook I might have used heavier tippet or would have rigged my second rod and had it line out at the ready. I don't recall if Nassim mentioned Snook but once Gaspar showed me where to look for them, in the darkest shadows, hanging in the roots of the bushes, I spotted several. Most we're probably 6-8lbs but I saw a couple easily in double digits.
All and all one of the more fun Bone fishing / sight fishing days I have had and I hope to fish with Gaspar again.
Thanks again to Nassim Joaquin, who I have only met through email and this bulletin board, for helping me. I really appreciate it.

FYI - I brought two rods in a double 4 piece rod/ reel case and basic fly gear in my carry on from the US with no problem. On the return, in the Cozumel airport, security would not let me bring my 20+~ Bonefish flies back in my carry on but did let me go back and check my bag. $25.00

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