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Posted by Jay Remley on 2014-08-12 13:29:43

I've known Lee Haskins for quite a few years but we've never fished together. I was lucky enough to have him invite me along on this trip with his buddy Dan. It was a 5 day trip from Kennedy Meadows into Emigrant Lake located just north of Yosemite in the Emigrant National Forest. A 6 hour ride through some of the most beautiful country in the world.

I met Lee and Dan at Lee's house on Wednesday around noon. Lee and Dan already had their stuff loaded in Lee's vehicle, through my stuff in and off we went. Stopped in Sonora and had a nice meal at Jebs Restaurant and headed up to Kennedy Meadows. We got checked in, went over to the saloon for a beer, watched the Giants beat the Brewers, had some nice conversation with the bartender and headed off to bed. Got up the next morning around 5:30, unloaded our stuff at the loading dock so the wranglers could pack the mules and headed to the restaurant for breakfast.

We hit the trail a little after 7am. Stopped for a break to rest the animals and our butts around 11am. Got back in the saddle and arrived at the lake around 1pm. The skies looked a little threatening so we hurried and put up the tents-good thing we did cause a thunder storm passed thru with some pretty heavy rains.

We got up the next morning, finished getting the gear situated, Lee and Dan fixed a great breakfast(we ate like kings the whole trip thanks to Lee and Dan setting up the menus and picking up the food), pumped up the float tubes and headed to the lake. I was really surprised with the quality of the fish. Brookies to 16" and rainbows to 18". We had to work for the fish but well rewarded. I got most of mine on a muddler minnow, Dan did well on a rust colored leach pattern and Lee caught fish on dries, nymphs and streamers. We couldn't fish as much as I'd like to cause of the wind that would pick up around 1pm and blow till dark but we filled the afternoons with naps, good conversation and excellent meals.

One of the highlites of the trip for me was the actions of the wildlife. On the way in we passed a few small patches of snow. One the size of a football had a greenish frog about half the size of your thumb sitting on it-looked like he was cooling off his feet from hiking the trails. I know chipmonks can get pretty friendly but these guys at camp were like one of us buy the end of the trip. Deer would walk right into camp and feed while we sat and BS'd/told stories. Some wranglers were camped not too far from us and on the day we packed out, stopped buy to lend a hand. One of the wranglers had a dog with him. Pretty soon there were a couple of deer running by camp, followed by the dog chasing them followed by a deer chasing the dog! That wasn't funny enough-after the dog shed the deer that was chasing him, he was standing there in camp with us and one of the deer came back, stood at the edge of our camp and seemed to be taunting the dog into chasing him again!!! What a scream. I think the horses got into a bag of beans the nite before we packed out-all 3 had the "walking farts" (as Larry the Cable Guy calls them) Cracked me up. I kept looking for a camera-thought somebody was filming a scene for "Blazing Saddles 2".

All in all it was another fun trip with beautiful scenery, good fishing, good weather, wonderful meals and great company. Thanks Lee for inviting me along.


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