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Posted by Bill Siler on 2014-08-09 18:59:10

While most of my friends are chasing stripers in the spring I lived at the Little League park, umpiring baseball. In between games I try and hit the river for a striper or shad. Many nights my son Kyle is my partner on the field. He also graduated from High School in June. By mid July baseball season was finally over. Between us we umpired over 220 games!

As a graduation present I decided to take Kyle on a guy's trip to Oregon. The plan was to stay in a hotel one night in Redding, tent camp five nights in Roseburg Oregon and then visit friends for a couple days in Sisters Oregon. We were forced to take my wife's car because we didn't want to pack all the camping gear in the hotel room in Redding.

Monday, July 21st we left home at 5:15 and got to The Fly Shop at 8:00, where we meet guide Brian Baylog. We fished the lower Sac and picked up 15 rainbows (Kyle-12, dad-3). It was cloudy and drizzled on and off most of the day. We had a big dinner at a Black Bear Diner and headed off to Roseburg Tuesday morning.

We fished on Wednesday on the Umpqua for small mouth with guide Gary Lewis. Saw a lot of rain which slowed the bite a little. I stayed with a 3wt and small clousers while Kyle switched between a fly rod and a spinning rod with plastics. Even though he prefers a fly rod, a couple years ago Gary dialed him in to a Senco rigged whacky style. We caught close to 70 smallies, and Kyle beat me again in size and numbers.

On Thursday and Friday we drove 45 minutes N/W to the Big K Ranch in Elkton and fished with guide Todd Harrington. Todd warned us that the rain from the day before would
slow the bite. I stayed with a fly rod, throwing poppers and streamers. Kyle stayed mostly with plastics, I think just to show up the old man. We picked up 60-65 smallies each day, up to 2.5 lbs. Todd said the weather had killed the bite and under normal July conditions we could easily do 100-120 fish a day. I didn't think that 200 bass in 3 days was all that bad.

After resting Saturday we drove to Sisters (10 miles north of Bend) and visited a couple of days with an old friend. After 5 nights in a tent a bed was like being in heaven.

Getting home after being gone 9 days we decided to hit the Sacramento on kayaks. We got on Google Earth and measured out a 10 mile trip downstream from Ward's Landing. After spending a couple days cleaning and putting stuff away we headed over to the Sac, only 30 minutes away. We left Kyle's truck at the take out point and then went to Ward's in my truck with the kayaks and a couple 8wts. We hit the water about 7:30 a.m. We found out quickly casting a clouser while seated just off the water was a little tricky. We had our Hip Shooters between and our legs to use as stripping buckets. We found that just letting the line fall in the floor of the kayak worked better. It took about 5 hours to reach Kyle's truck. Along the way we caught a few dinks, enjoyed the scenery and the day. At one point Kyle startled a Red Tailed Hawk in a tree. As it flew away the hawk missed Kyle's head by only a couple feet. He screamed and we both got a laugh. It was a great day with my son, right up till the end. By the time we drug the kayaks and gear up the levee it was over 100 degrees. Kyle then realized he had left the keys to his truck in my truck (10 miles away!!!). Luckily my brother answered the phone and within a couple of hours we were home.

From watching my son graduate High School, spending countess days working baseball games together and our little adventures it has been a great summer. On Monday he starts junior college. I just booked an R.V. spot and boat slip at Sugar Barge, where I will be staying October and November. Dan, I've got the Kesslers packed! Any of you delta regulars that see a green N. River boat that says "My Reel Job" down the side, pull over and say howdy. I would love to put a face to many of the guys who post on the board.

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