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Posted by Jay Remley on 2014-08-04 23:28:03

Our oldest son bid on a trip to Cancun at a Lupus fund raiser and won. They set up the trip for last week and asked my wife and I if we wanted to go. We didn't have any plans so we went. I had never been there nor knew much about the fly fishing. When I checked on line it looked like this time of year was mostly wading the flats for bones. The guides only take 2 and there were 3 of us. My oldest grandson needs a lot more practice with a fly rod before I take him on a guided trip so we settled for chartering a cruiser. We head out for anything with gills and stuck with conventional gear. It was a new experience for my grandson and he was quite excited about it-that's all I cared about.

We met the capt and deck hand at the marina around 7am and headed out-nice calm day and flat seas. I was hoping to get my son and grandson into some sails but the way the captain talked-chances didn't look too good but he'd give it a shot anyway. We trolled around for a while and were soon into some bonita. They were fun. The deck hand kept a few and cut them up for bait. We ran out of bonita so the capt stopped and a hump around 120 feet deep and we picked up some decent rockfish. Ran out of those so we started trolling again.

We spotted a couple sails jumping off in a distance so we trolled on over. Damned if we didn't hook up 2 about 10 seconds apart. My grandson lost his but my sons stayed hooked up. I was bummed we didn't land both but that's the way it goes. Everybody had a great time and any time I can spend on the water with my sons and grandsons is a great trip. The captain and deck hand did a great job and both worked their tails off. The boat was a 31 footer and in great shape.

We saw 2 turtles but that was about it for wild life. No dolphins or whales. Lots of sargaso grass but no dorado.


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