What a great gamefish!

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Posted by Jbird on 2014-08-03 17:47:04

Im not too particular about what I fish for. Ive been known to toss a fly at just about anything with fins. If it shows interest in flies, I enjoy it :) Every fish presents different challenges and the different environments you go to to find them is just fun!

Im currently on a smallmouth bass kick and I cant think of a fish Id rather be chasing! These fish can be fickle. They can be very wary in low clear water. They notoriously bite/spit on the pause leaving you completely unaware you even got bit. But then they CRUSH flies comparable to the most vicious strikes Ive ever had from any fish. They LOVE poppers and often times, the strikes are massive! They dwell in these tiny little boulder pockets along shorelines, waiting in pockets the size of a shoebox. its staggering the size of fish Ive taken from these pockets that couldn't have possibly harbored one 8" fish. They rush flies in shallow water, pushing a wake that makes the hair on your arms stand up.

I only wish the season around here was longer.


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