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Posted by Chris Sumers on 2014-06-24 13:15:05 in reply to Re: Ambergris Cay/ San Pedro posted by Bill Kiene on 2014-06-23 22:20:52

Nassim, if you have room, take along a 6wt., you'll have a blast with the bonefish. Pearl Gotcha's are a staple for bones but, the I last went down I had tied up a batch that were tan and pink and they seemed to work the best.

Merkin's, McCrabs and Turneffe Crabs were what I had in the box but, the only two permit we saw were heading south in a hurry. One tip they passed along was that when I tied my flies, tie about 80% of them with lead eyes and 20% of them with bead chain.

Because of the weather, the only tarpon fishing we did was back in the mangroves for small tarpon. Small bait fish patterns (glass minnows, blondes, etc.) worked the best. But, being a generous kind of guy, I opened my fly boxes and gave my guide free pick on any fly he wanted and he took all my "White Angels". At the time, they were having a hard time getting them and he said those were his favorite.

I don't know where you are staying but, the fine folks at the El Pescador were more than forth coming with information on times, tackle and information in general. We also made a couple of trips into town and had supper at Elvia's kitchen. It was at the end of the lobster and conch season and I ate my fill. I hope you have a great trip.

Tight lines, Chris

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