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Posted by Bill Bishop on 2014-06-24 05:00:02

I had the opportunity to spend some time in an interview with a group doing a new documentary on fly fishing for tarpon. I was asked to explain the "magic" of tarpon. That question got me thinking.

I remembered the first time I tossed a fly in front of a string incoming tarpon on a hostile vector. I had spent most of the early mornings during the previous year in a filed on the way to work trying to learn how to throw line. By the time tarpon season rolled around I felt like I was pretty damn good.

Soon enough I found myself standing on the bow of Tommy Locke's skiff in Homosassa. I watched a string of black back poons crawling toward me over those white sand bottoms and my hands began to shake and my knees were knocking. Tommy instructed, " go ahead"! I made my backcast. I hooked up on my first cast made a tarpon. The problem was I hooked Tommy!

The point to this story is it's the tarpon that make the difference. There were no tarpon in that field where I practiced casting. I suppose this can be said about other fish however to me, it's always different with tarpon.

I really doesn't matter if an angler can cast 90 feet of line with a tight loop into a stiff wind. It's not a factor that the skiff they run is 60 mph plus or if their angling wardrobe is right out of one of the upscale catalogues. One thing matters and that is what an angler does at that moment when the tarpon arrives on the stage.

After 27 years of chasing tarpon they still get to me. I still manage to forget what I've paid dearly to learn. My composure is misplaced on occasions and my heart rate soars beyond normal.

To me, thats the real magic of tarpon.

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