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Posted by Bill Bishop on 2014-06-22 09:15:15 in reply to Re: Gold Cup posted by Joel N Rosenthal on 2014-06-21 22:37:16

Just got home yesterday. Tommy Locke and I had great fun but fishing was awful. Like most teams we struck out. In the years I've fished the cup the fishing was very slow.

We fished the Sable/Cape area and three days ran all the way to the Broad. Just guessing but logged close to 55 miles there and ditto home each day. This is a demanding run but the 110 daily mile skiff ride seems longer when very few fish are around.

The winning team caught only three weight fish over five days. That was a real big deal given how few fish were swimming. They earned the win for sure.

It is always a privilage to be invited to fish the Gold Cup. I had a blast and enjoyed seeing many great friends I've come to know.

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