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Posted by James on 2014-06-19 18:37:16

Today I got to fish with Capt. Maury Hatch on the American river for some summer stripers.

The day started with me showing up at Maury's house ( 40 minutes early ), and loading up his truck with gear/me and Nala, and we were off. Dumped his skiff in and instantly we are casting and drifting down river. 15 maybe 20 minutes go by with no blow ups or grabs. Then I get one small fish to blow up on the pole dancer and not stick, then a few minutes later another blow up and no sticky , my fault on this one I pulled when I shouldn't have. Another few minutes and a big splash and the rod totally loads I hit it, and this one sticks! That was a nice healthy 7pder to hand. Shortly after that I have one fish blow up twice on the PD before I ran out of water. The blow up and the visual is the best!

By now Maury has already landed a few fish subsurface and a really nice 9 pder. And was telling me "maybe it's time to go subsurface", well after watching him land a couple more fatties, I finally switched over. We boated over 30 fish and aleast 20 were 3-5 pd's. It was one of those special days where things fell into place.

I will say Maury really has the AR and the feather rivers dialed, but right now the AR is your best bet, and even better if your with Maury or someone that has it dialed.

I'm smiling ear to ear right now and I wanted to share.

We had a GoPro, soon as Maury edits it, I'll post it.

Here's a couple pic's


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