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Posted by henry cowen on 2014-06-19 18:14:21 in reply to Side imaging posted by CC on 2014-06-19 17:41:14


I have been using side imaging for about 3 years now on my Humminbird 1198 unit and in my opinion it is not worth the investment if you think you are going to locate game fish. If using it for finding specific structure near the shoreline that will help locate game fish at another time that could be tied to that structure then you then it is just great. If I were using it for crappie fishing then it is positively worth it. You can look under the docks that you will be fishing to see if the crappie are schooled up. But if you think you are going to find stripers along the shoreline, I think you are going to be disappointed. If someone has found a way to use side imaging to locate and catch more stripers I would love to hear it. My transducer is on the stern of my boat so when I shoot the side imaging out, I have already passed what I want to throw at. I actually find myself using my electric motor in reverse when using side imaging so I can throw at what I am seeing on the screen at the moment rather than after I passed it.


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