Legend Caught in Florida…

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Posted by Michael Rosa on 2014-06-17 17:21:19

Like many others here I’ve had to do my Tarpon fishing vicariously through others this year. I’ve been trying to get back to the Keys but life keeps pitching me the low outside breaking ball that I’ve learned to lay off of. So I sit on the mainland working towards righting the ship of fate. This has given me some time to surf and lo and behold I came across this picture.
Dale Perez has tole me a couple of times he has seen a Golden Tarpon out in the BC on several occasions. I have no reason to doubt him, kinda! Then I saw this headline about a NY angler catching a Piebold Tarpon…A WHUT? I thought. It was not until I saw the picture that I realized what that Golden Tarpon is and it truly exists. Here is a picture of the elusive legendary Golden Tarpon.

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