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Posted by James on 2014-06-17 09:49:47

Well I have pretty much been fishing the delta for the last month and a half. I've been in the surf a couple times for zero, but the swell was been not good for the fly. It just started coming and staying down. I will say that this has been a good year for the beach so far, just really difficult with a fly. I'll be in the surf trying to get one surf striper before I go to Baja, all next week :). BTW - I hate those fricking party boats in the bay!! HATE THEM! They kill every god damn striper they catch, but that's another post all together.

As for the Delta, water temps are around 73-75, and there are tons of baby stripers, but I've been trying to get the LMB dialed in on top water, and a little subsurface. It's way different then striper fishing. I've become a major TW junkie. My best has been 5pds on TW, and a bunch of smaller ones. The funny thing is my biggest came from right next to my dock, go figure.

I've received some really good TW help from a couple of the guru's. Thanks Charlie, Ben, and a couple others. The fly that I really love using is the bubbleicious frog, they can not resist that thing, and regular poppers are working great too. I'm kinda living on the delta now, so I figured I'll get the place close to home ( second home ) dialed in. I want to get a DD LMB :)

I haven't done many post since that stripers tapered off and I figured I share what's been up with the delta lately.

Here's a couple pic's


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