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Posted by ray hafsten on 2014-06-13 11:02:56 in reply to Re: Key West Annual posted by Bill Horn on 2014-06-13 07:58:38

Bill: It was a quick run up to the leader...but the last fish the largest of the trip on Wednesday...was 40 Seaguar and it took 30 minutes to get it to the leader and when I rolled to pop the hook...the light 1/0 tip broke but it was lip hooked as there was no abrasion anywhere on the tippet including the loop. The fish only jumped twice and was very's been awhile since I've had to crank in 250 plus yds of 50lb braid on my Super 12 but the fish kept taking backing at the usual/customary run up speed in Will's Beavertail however, there were at least four during the trip that sliced the 40 on gill plates during the first or second jump and a couple more abraded before leadering on the 40. But only 40 Seaguar hooked fish...on the last day last place he was seeing the bigger fish 100 up so I went to 60 just looks, then 50 still just looks, then 40 with a small fly...two fish leadered, one other fed...just good luck and a great captain.

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