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Posted by ray hafsten on 2014-06-12 11:04:45

Monday Tuesday Wednesday past it was Key West. Will Benson's three day availability dictated an earlier week in June than last year. Thus the Permit were not back from offshore in numbers. So it was Tarpon and it was great...the tally: Monday 6 leadered and off 50 to 70...Tuesday 5 leadered 60 to 80 and one 100 to 115 Wednesday 2 leadered one 90-100 one 110-125...the venue for Monday and Tuesday MarQ...time from 630 am to 10 am not just rolling fish but feeding fish and the fish continued to roll after 10 but no bites. Wednesday started MarQ again at 6 am rolling but not bites. Then back east ocean side basins around Ballast Key fish laid up or just slow cruise for two hours fish would follow but no takes but finally through a four step process of fly changes and bite tippet reduction from 60-50-40 Seaguar two fed and two leadered; as well as Will's skill of anticipating their path and positioning for head on shots. These leadered fish were caught on 40 lb Seaguar bite tippet and a 1/0 sparse tied about 2 in long. This was a remarkable Tarpon experience for me though I was looking forward to another big Permit trip; however, seeing the down the throat take and up in the air of any Tarpon, but particularly 100s, trumped a disappointment of no Permit.

The success of these three days was essentially guide accomplished...finding, deciding when to find the eaters, positioning the boat, fly section, and tippet reduction.

The equipment Sage Method 11 Blank, old Fuji Gold Cermet stippers double foot 20, 16, 12 and same but single foot guides; Wulff Bermuda Shorts 11wt; Abel Super 12 with 50lb braid backing, Seaguar leader and tippet.

Pictures to follow when received...

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