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Because of the one bag, 50-pound weight limit I no longer use a bag with built-in wheels since that can add as much as 15-pounds to the bag. I use a Cabelas Boundary Waters duffel XL 36 X 16 X 16. To move it around the airport easily I use one of the old folding wheel carts and after I check the bag, I use the cart to carry my camera case/back pack to check it. It folds and goes under the seat. Too easy!

I place my Sea Level foam, travel stripping bucket inside the duffel, loaded with my gear and clothes. I place two 3-inch drain pipe rod tubes (home made), one on each side of the stripping bucket. I can get two rods in a tube. My Rigged `N Ready rod bags also pack along side the stripping tub. Having that saved 15-pounds comes in handy when I need to pack more gear.

The bag being totally waterproof is great when going to places where the bag might get rained on while sitting on a tarmac.

Here's the link to the Cabelas Boundary Waters bag:


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