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Posted by Jim Cramer on 2014-06-12 01:32:09 in reply to travel luggage posted by David on 2014-06-11 21:29:55

Most luggage with wheels will utilize some sort of solid fame and add several extra pounds to the unit. Also most of what is available in this type of luggage will not accommodate the longer rods that are now in vogue.

My solution was to buy a 34" long nylon duffle bag with a full length zipper at REI. The bag itself weighs almost nothing but will accommodate my longer rods and all my gear and clothing with room to spare. ( Note that I carry my 9 foot rods and reels in a separate piece of luggage made for that purpose, such as those made by Fish Pond or Orvis.) Since the nylon duffle bag weighs so little, the overall weigh of weight of my total load is significantly reduced.

If you still wanted something with wheels, here is a suggestion. I recently purchased a small collapsable wheeled dolly for my wife to use with her rather large cosmetic bag. I found it at Macy's for less ethan $30 and it collapses to 10" X 15 "X 3" and weighs 2# 6oz.. You could use it when needed and then slip it inside the duffle bag. I later found even better carriers of this type at Office Depot for about the same price.

The total cost of this approach is much less than any piece of wheeled luggage that I have seen on the market.

Lastly, I you fly in to remote lodges or camps on small planes, your pilot will really appreciate having a piece of soft luggage rather than a semi-ridge bag to load on the small plane. He will also appreciated the reduced weight.

Hope this helps - food for thought.

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