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Posted by Bill Bishop on 2014-04-11 08:18:29 in reply to rejection, full commitment and heartbreak posted by Mar Caballero on 2014-04-10 20:14:08

I really enjoyed reading your story. Several things impressed me about your account.

First, you took your kids with you! That's very cool. Too often anglers who are as determined as you focus only on capturing the prize.

Second, you are committed to catching fish a specific way that brings you the upmost enjoyment. Topwater is a thrilling a visual way to catch fish but often it can result in misses. You already know this but stick to your guns anyway.

I share your commitment when I fish for tarpon. When I first started fly fishing for tarpon I didn't care how, when or where I could hook up. Today, I only fish during the daylight hours and only for fish that I can see in advance of my presentation. No dredging or early dawn patrol runs for me these days. I love watching fish react to my fly and cherish watching them eat.

I sure wish you the best in your endeavors and look forward to the day the commitment you are making to your kids pays off in spades. Before you can blink an eye, you will be watching them experience what you are now.

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