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Posted by James on 2014-04-06 19:56:50

Fished Friday eve! Started with top water for a couple blow ups with out sticking one. That was short lived. I broke my 10wt TFO ( glad it wasn't my TCX ). After reading Mar's top water report, I picked up a couple jumbo pole dancers, holy smoke!! Those things are a workout, but I'm determined to get that fly dialed, and catch fish with it. My buddy Paulie looked at the jumbo pole dancer, and say's good luck, and please don't hit me with that fly. He was probably a little relieved when the rod snapped. We got roughly a dozen or so sub surface, I got lucky and landed a nice 7pder.

Saturday fished with the same buddy. We fish mostly the SJ with a couple spots around franks. I decided to really try out some of Angel's rattle fly's because the water being a bit stained. I'm not bragging, well maybe a little bit. Those things do work. I was getting 2-3 fish for everyone my buddy got. I offered my buddy one, but he wanted to use his fly's. Total count was 26, mostly legal, only 4-5 dinks. It's nice that the last three sessions, we have been finding alot of 22-24 inch fish, not a bunch of dinks.

Sunday, woke up a little late, hit the snooze too many times. Got to the dock at 6:30-7:00 and tryed a couple real close top water spots, no one home. So I went to one of the HPS and found another pod of footballs. I was being lazy, so I just put my trolling motor on anchor and the fish didn't leave. Fished (catching) for roughly 2 hrs had a bite to eat, fished a bit longer and decided to call it quits.

Water temp was around 60 with alot of stained water, but not bad.

Here's a couple pic's.


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