Game changer fly... and falling stick on eyes

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Posted by Serge on 2014-04-02 11:11:57

Hello all, I have been tying a few game changer flies and they really are fun to tie.

First, I found that stick on eyes tend to fail nearly all the time. I have tried different types of glue from super glue (fill a gap, cyanocrylate), to fletch tite glue, E6000, epoxy (regular and UV activated)or a combination of the above to glue my stick on eyes on the hair material.

The more expensive Puglisi eyes that actually come on a plastic shaft and are thus tied onto the shank (or even glued)never fail.

I thus started to make a hole at the pupil level of the eye and then stick 30# hard mono in the hole that is superglued at its apex. The hole is very minor but it does leave a clear spot in the center of the black pupil. I thus used a black sharpie and applied black on the apex of the nylon before I add superglue and then quickly pull the nylon through the eye. Looking good and solid. I have now replaced the nylon with black stiff bristles from a broom. These eyes stay on now and they come very inexpensive (I bought a lifetime supply ~ 1000 eyes of them for $25 bucks).

I also stated to perfect the way I make my body wrap using craft fur hair. Craft fur is also inexpensive and can be blended with flash. I bought some 34 gauge stainless steel wire (beading wire, Joann fabric) and made my own brush by twisting the hair between two wire strands using a drill. Very easy to do. By putting the hair off centered or centered, one can achieve very different results. This is why I think it is beneficial to make your own.

The articulated wire is made from gauge 18 memory wire (bite wire tippet #120 if I recall). Loops are made with looping pliers (easy to do) and very inexpensive.

Now, tying these game changers does take time and the price that they sell for is unbeatable if you consider the amount of time you will spend tying these flies. However, you satisfaction wise, I like to catch my fish with the flies I tie. and you can weight the fly the way you want when you tie them. You guys should try tying a few.

In fine, the fly looks very good in the water. It does offer wind resistance and thus can be a pain to cast against the wind (down wind though is a blast ;-)). They land VERY softly and at any retrieve speed, do not seem to twirl.

Hope this will entice a few. Cheers to all and tight lines.


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