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Posted by Dan Blanton on 2014-03-21 10:35:49

Redington Vapen Red: I've been fishing it hard since spring of 2013; and while the stick is one of the best casting and fighting I have in my quite large quiver of rods, it's the golf grip I love best. I wish all my rods had a similar golf grip (in different colors). It's the most comfortable grip I've ever used. I can cast daily for hours chucking heavy lines and big flies and my hand never tires or develops blisters. The grip won't get slippery even when covered in fish slime; and it's holding up brilliantly. Most of my cork-grip rods seeing that much use would see the cork deteriorating, pitting and would have indentations; and I'd have blisters. Not with this grip! With good cork being very hard to come by these days, this is the way to go in my view - Hell, it's the way to go even if good cork was more readily available. I love it!

I sure hope Redington (and others) continues to offer rods with this spectacular grip.


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