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Posted by john c on 2014-02-26 18:57:21 in reply to Re: Upper Klamath lake timing posted by Bill Kiene on 2014-02-22 21:23:39

I fished in and around Klamath Lake for several years and had mixed results. Humbling but very rewarding.

Overall, its large and fairly shallow. It can be windy, but often one can find protected areas in bays and behind the marsh vegetation, especially on the west side of the lake. Its suffers from poor water quality (low DO, high temps and pH)in summer and many fish run up tributary streams or hang by spring inflow along he shores (concentrated on the west shore). Tributary mouths can fish well and along vegetation patches.

About now may be cold, and when the wind blows this time of year its very cold, but fish are always possible. Better fishing further into spring and early summer.

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