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Posted by Jonny King on 2014-02-24 08:43:06 in reply to Re: Assorted Baitfish posted by JW on 2014-02-23 14:51:12

Hi JW -- I mostly use the NanoTubes, because they are long enough for the flies and also have a little bump and ridges to hold the silicone Hook Guides. As far as the advantages, it's a good question, because I'd kind of abandoned tubes until I found this particular system. The reasons people usually give to justify tubes is the ability to swap out different hooks and have the fly slide up the leader to avoid damage -- generally not that exciting for me. What I've found with this ProSportfisher stuff is that (1) there are lots of weighting options, so I can place weight anywhere along the "shank" of the tube for different actions; (2) the various add ons -- like the little differently shaped discs, the "Soft Head," and the multiple weights -- all work very well and slide on for different effects, like lifting a wing up; (3) you can get the effect of a long shank hook without the weight and the leverage that let's fish become unbuckled; (4) the ability to go hook-up or hook-down, and (4) they're just kind of fun. I'm new to them, so maybe I'll decide I don't like some of these flies, but for the time being, they're making the winter go a little faster!

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