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Posted by Ted C. on 2014-02-24 08:19:54 in reply to Re: Best bone fishing line for Abaco - June posted by henry cowen on 2014-02-24 05:24:35

Henry, with all due respect & without hijacking this thread, I suppose it depends what part of Abaco you fish. I've fished in all the places you mentioned and the marls in Abaco arguably has the skinniest water of all the places you mentioned. The common phrase tailing doesn't even apply for the Marls, the fish instead surf, swimming with their tails and dorsal fins constantly out of the water because its so skinny.
Andros on the other hand is common practice to fish deeper water from a boat with clousers for bigger fish.
I generally like the old SA textured bonefish taper line and the Wulff Bermuda TT two tone , which incidently is one line size heavier than what is stated on the box.

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