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Posted by ray hafsten on 2014-02-24 05:52:21 in reply to Best bone fishing line for Abaco - June posted by JW on 2014-02-23 14:39:23

As all have said many good lines(USA MFG SA, RIO, Cortland, Monic with their other labeled lines)) for various weather conditions. Also how guided boat/wade? However, for bonefish and permit Bahamas and FLA I have never used a sub-surface line. So the choice for me comes down to short head 30 and under or longer head 40 plus. I like to know the head length and weight for head and/or traditional first 30 so...I have used RIO and recently Wulff Bermuda Shorts and Triangle as they are short headed and disclose both head length and least they were the first. I cannot accurately cast 80-100 feet to sighted fish. Consequently, I'm looking for a quick 30-70 in all conditions, and for me it is the short headed lines at stated weight...only exception if blowing 20 kts plus I will use RIO OTB Tropical stated weight which is up two or Bermuda Shorts up one e.g. 10 wt TCX RIO OTB Tropical 10 wt or Bermuda Short 11 wt...however, if I forget one of the reels with the short heads...I have put my old 11 wt Cortland Tropic Plus on my 10 wt TCX. I'm a short stroke weak caster and I need the line to do most, if not all, of the work whilst I just put in motion my arm and shoulder and think slow down...For the past two seasons I use both the 30 foot head Wulff TT Bermuda and the 24 foot Bermuda Shorts on my 8wt Xi3...and 9 wt Shorts on my 9 wt One. The 9 wt One with Shorts can cast Merkins for Permit at 30-70 feet. caveat not easy for me to "aerialize" 60 feet flyline false casting with Bermuda Shorts or RIO OTB. Suggestion just try uplining one wt with a regular head length if you have one on the lawn...put your 9 on the 8...

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