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Posted by Joel N Rosenthal on 2014-02-23 19:46:12 in reply to Re: Best bone fishing line for Abaco - June posted by Jim Williams on 2014-02-23 15:03:30

How do you define "best"? Is a $30 line that casts 60 feet a better line than a $90 dollar line that casts 75 feet? Do you go by distance you can cast it or price per foot? Is price an object? will you be fishing on 30 knot days or in flat calm conditions? will your quarry be in 3 inches of water or 3 feet? will you be throwing heavy flies or tiny ones? Are you prone to standing on your line with boots on? are you using a large arbor or small arbor reel? will you be using a line management device to control the slack line and any curl?

What works for me or anyone else may not work for you.Asking which is "the best" really won't get you many helpful answers because what's "best" is what works for you-ie gets the fly to where the fish can eat it.There will be no consensus here as to what is "best" just a lot of recommendations for lines that are all probably suited to the task in someone's hands-the problem is, we don't know how they'd do in yours on any given day under any particular conditions.Every major manufacturer makes a decent floating line suitable for bonefishing,I suggest you buy one for windy and one for calmer conditions and practice with them before you go--lawn casting if necessary.And if they do the trick , fine--but you'll still never be sure they're the "best"-so I wouldn't obsess over the ranking if I were you.

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