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Posted by JC Smith on 2014-02-20 18:32:58 in reply to Hoorah for Hatchery Fish posted by Tony Buzolich on 2014-02-20 16:58:55


Great idea to deconstruct, reconstruct and debate for the good of the order. Here in NYC and other Great Lakes states we had fabulous deep water fishing for introduced Pacific salmon during the 80s and 90s. They were stocked to deal with an awful explosion of alwives. Lake Ontario and other Great Lakes had tons of dead bait on beaches before Pacific salmon were brought in. Now our forage base has changed and the biomass needed to support those salmon is gone, but some folks are angry about major cutbacks in stocking. Even though we are seeing better natural recruitment of native trout and salmon and even some wild Pacific coast fish.

In the long view the good olds days may only be those crews years when the amount of energy tied up in non-stop forage baseboard support the fishery. Frankly I see more sport in chasing a more sustainable steelhead fishery than kings and cohos anyway.

So wasyour experience more a short term benefit from overcharging the recruitment of young fish faster than the system can balance the energy needed to support it?

I don't know the west coast but in the Finger Lakes and east end of the Great Lakes our forage base and fisheries have not been native for many decades. Smelt, alewives, gobies,rainbow and brown trout,even smallmouth bass, not native to our systems, but we believe many of these species must be managed and forget they are not native. Even our zooplankton base changes constantly.

I hope this is somewhere along the lines of discussion you hoped to trigger!

Oh and I can't wait for the ice to go out so I can go enjoy some of the best smallish and rainbow fisheries anywhere!

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