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Posted by Mar Caballero on 2014-02-20 13:15:32

I was lucky enough to fish for 4 days this past week. I must have enough brownie points in the bank.
Went out with a friend on Saturday. We fished the same routes and patterns as the past few weeks….shallow water areas and fishing the weed edges with I-lines and clousers. It was a productive day with about 8 legal fish landed from 2-7 lbs. We also landed several sub-legal fish which kept the action interesting. The grabs were solid with majority of the fish hitting within a few feet from the tule edges.

Sunday was a solo day. Was supposed to take the kids out but the older one wasn’t feeling too well so both stayed home. I fished the same areas and structures and started the day with a couple of small fish. Other areas that produced the day before seem to be void of fish. As I was rounding the corner of the tules, got a soft grab and didn’t stick. Made another cast to the same spot and felt my fly being sucked in but again, it didn’t stick. Same cast, 3 feet to the right. The fly landed a foot away from the tules, made one strip and this huge boil appeared right where my fly should be. And just like that, I was tight to a big fish that ran deep into the tules. I didn’t want the fish to go deeper into weeds so I just pointed the rod straight to the fish and pulled. Somehow I managed to yank him out and brought the battle out in the open water. This fish had some serious shoulders. Huge headshakes, very powerful dives and towed the boat around for a bit. A few heart-pounding minutes later, I boated a 21-lb striper. Spent a few minutes reviving the fish and it swam away strong. I knew it would be tough to top that fish so I decided to end the day on that high note.

Got out again for a couple hours on Monday with a topwater junkie. He had some success on top the day before so this was going to be a topwater day. It didn’t disappoint. We fished the last hour of the incoming at first light. We got 3 fish on top and missed the hookset on a couple of blowups. One of those was a huge upwelling of water as the big fish swirled underneath the topwater offering. Holy smokes. Hope to run into that fish again. Not a bad 2-hr session with a fellow topwater junkie. Nice to have my first topwater fish for this year. Hope there will be a few more coming.

I took Tuesday off from work and fished with Andy G. We’ve been talking about spending some time on the Delta together and I’m glad that we finally got a chance to do it. We fished on top first thing in the morning but got no love from the fish. Conditions were perfect…flat calm conditions, overcast, good tides…. I guess that’s how it goes sometimes.
Andy did hook a 10+lb steelhead that we initially thought was a salmon. Pretty cool to see an adult steelhead up close, and in the Delta no less. We spent the rest of the morning checking out a few spots. The tule edges were deserted. We ended up catching most of our fish on the rock walls with the bigger fish hitting further out in deeper water after a few pauses and countdowns. The weather was simply gorgeous the whole time and it was nice to spend a wonderful day of fishing with Andy. I learned a lot. I hope it won’t be too long before we do it again.

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