Galvan reels, failures, and the single pawl?

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Posted by Richard on 2014-02-18 13:08:47

I enjoy the two Galvan reels I own (a T-6 and T-8), and if there were anything I'd nitpick about it would be the unsealed drag (but I don't fish in freezing weather, so that design doesn't matter to me) and the single pawl for the drag engagement (though I've never heard or read of one failing). It just seems like there should be another pawl (kinda like Abel started adding a second pawlto its BG series).

I was recently at a flyshop talking about gear with the shop person. He's a big Lamson proponent. I asked his thoughts on the Galvan and though he said he really likes his OB's, the thing he didn't like was the single pawl. I asked if he had seen or heard of the pawl failing, and he admitted he had not.

Any thoughts on the single pawls? I am strongly considering adding the T-10 and T-16 to my inventory, but I want to feel a little more confident that pawl will hold up under the strain of big fish.


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