One hell of a day ( 4 to 11lbers and everything in between!!)

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Posted by Angel on 2014-02-18 10:02:03

All I can say is WOW!! LOL. Jumped on the water yesterday morning with Mike. Q With some new flies I designed and the new Sage Method 8wt in hand.We found fish at every spot but on one we found a school of double digets!! 1st to the boat was and 8 I couldnt get off the bottom but after the fight I was still feeling good and ready for more! withing 10 minutes I had locked up with a very upset 11lber that decided he wated to fight for a while and tore of the flat like no ones business so by the time i was finished with him I took a little break. and had some snacks to give my arm a break. 3 cast after I grabed my rod I was into a 10 lber that zapped the rest of my energy so after my fight with him I sat down with water and aleve in hand for a much needed rest!!LOL Mike was hitting his fish as well but as time went on the fish disapeared and it was time to move on!! We found fish at every spot but the wind kicked up and made it harder and harder. On our last stop we found a school of 4-5 and sat on them till it was time to call it a day!!

My new 8wt handled perfect with both 8wt and 9wt lines( deep and inter) with the temps being 55 degrees and colors for the day being a mix of bright colors( fire tiger and black/purple /chart) and naturals( grey/pink/white and bluegills). Thanks again Mike for getting my butt up from tying flies all day and actually using them!!! A

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