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Posted by Chuck Laughridge on 2014-02-17 09:44:49 in reply to Barbed hooks? posted by James on 2014-02-16 08:12:24

Certainly this is both a personal preference, but it also interacts with the damage done to both fish and fisherman.

In my experience, so wholly my opinion, maybe Dan should do a Top Five to rival the best 8wt rods & reels (:, but the folks on my boats and that's a fairly extensive list, including Dan, use barbless for well over 90% of whatever we chase, from bluegills to big tuna and sharks.

Seems any percentages of loss to poor fighting texhniques are more than made up for with the additional hookups due to the physics of the hook penetrating with/without a barb (perhaps one of the reasons for Dan's very small/shallow barb, but don't know).

Definitely know that both my errant casts and my buddies that end up in human flesh are thousands of times more easy to extract than barbed hooks and I think the only barbless hook I would not remove would be one in an eye (thank God that has never happened in my presence, and hope it never does).

I think age and experience impacts our choices here, and if landing a fish for a picture or dragging it up in sand from the surf is what you want to do, I have no problem with that being your choice on how to treat OUR fish, but my age (60.5, like a kid now as half years count) I have plenty of pics and definitely don't mind losing one at the boat/bank whether it is shad or stripers (we call em rockfish), bluegill or billfish (90% of my billfish are caught where it is illegal to kill them).

This site and others are OUTSTANDING places to seek advice on many questions from gear/techniques/knots/destinations/who's still here and who has just departed (might be the reason I'm 60.5, but even on this barb/barbless debate, the only person that can have the final word is the fellow staring back at you in the mirror every morning while you shave and slap on copious amounts of sunscreen so 60.5 becomes 61, 62, 63, and so on.(;

We can't ask the fish, if we could we know more about that barbless hook catching em in the brain or other negatives on barbless, or we'd know whether or not they feel pain or just react to stimulus, but we do know that fellow in the mirror. Shaving and sunscreen takes about 10/15 minutes, so not only do you have time to ask that fellow, y'all can have a meaningful debate, and I recommend it highly.

Good Fishing!!!

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